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17 July 2008 @ 01:56 pm
Sendy likes basketball, but sexy foreheads don't run in the family  
 I came across this juicy little bit of info on ATVO about a week ago, and a conversation with goonerbabyy inspired me to type up a transcript of the interview for all your SQUEEING pleasure. (I don't know if a video is available elsewhere on the net, but I couldn't find one.)

Philippe, you're a massive basketball fan. Why?
I really like basketball. I mean, my brother was playing in the US for four years in college. I love watching basketball; it's something that gets me out of football. I like to watch something different and American sports is something I'm very passionate about. 

Who do you support?
The Chicago Bulls. Cos one of my friends plays there, and the first Swiss player, as well, who plays in the NBA plays there at the Bulls. So yeah, I'm a big Bulls fan.

It seems you're a bit of a stato [what's that?] as well, cos you've even been on TV as a pundit talking about it. 
Yeah, I was invited last year on Sky Sports to talk about the players... and you know... There was a nice game and they invited me... There was another guy, a singer there, a DJ. It was interesting to meet these people.

Who are your basketball heroes?
Michael Jordan is definitely one of my heroes. I mean, he was on top of his game and he was a great professional so he's one of them. Magic Johnson, as well, was a great passer, and he had a great vision. And now I really like all these exciting players that are coming through. Young players like LeBron James.

You said your brother played; he's a Swiss international, of course. Can you tell us about his career and where it's taken him?
Well he left when he was eighteen-years-old. He went to the states to finish his uni there and he played first division at his university. Then he came back to Switzerland, he played a year, and then went to Spain for a year, to try it out in second division in Spain. It didn't quite work out for him so he came back to Switzerland, and now he's just playing again in Switzerland.

So in the Senderos house as a kid, it was full of football and basketball.
Yeah, well my dad tried with my brother to get him involved in football, but it didn't work, so he tried again with me and it definitely worked so... 

Did you ever try basketball?
I did, but just for fun with friends.

Do you go and see your brother play a lot?
I try to go when I go back to Switzerland, but it's kinda difficult, cos he plays at the weekends and we play at the weekends, too. 

I used to be a "fan" of Chicago Bulls, insofar as my brother liked them, and I love the film Space Jam. Also, I tracked down a picture of Sendy's brother, Julien Senderos, and I'm slightly disappointed with his forehead, I must say. 

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robinrocks11: Sendyrobinrocks11 on July 17th, 2008 09:07 pm (UTC)
Icon twins! :D