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Welcome to the only Philippe Senderos community on LiveJournal. We're all here because we love Arsenal's Swiss number six, his ability to speak multiple languages, the expression he pulls when he's happy, overjoyed with life, angry, proud (basically all moods are expressed well by Philippe's clever little face), his love for pandas, his friendship with Cesc Fabregas, and, who can forget... that AMAZING forehead. Our theory? It's simply BURSTING with information.


1. No ugly comments. No racism, sexism, homophobia or general discrimination.
2. Try to keep the swearing and adult themes to a minimum. If you're going to do either, please set your entry to the appropriate level (e.g. Adult concepts/ Adult content).
3. Respect one another's views. Of course you're allowed to disagree, but so long as you respect the other person's views, we shouldn't have a problem.
4. No spamming. And I mean spamming in the traditional sense.
5. Please only post issues relating to Philippe Senderos- not, for example, Robin van Persie. While we love Robin dearly, this is not his community.
6. Please use the LJ-cut for particularly long entries or those with a pictures/ videos.

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Feel free to post an introductory entry briefly telling us why you love Philippe so, who you are and blah blah blah. Roam free in Sendy land!
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